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Wall Art for Children's Space 

新兒童復健診所 插畫牆

Client: 天母品恆復健科 Ibalance Rehabilitation Clinic

Wall art for children's clinic. 


Wall Art for Children's Space 


Client: 天母品恆復健科 Ibalance Rehabilitation Clinic

Created this wall art with my original character - platypus for children's clinic.


Calendar Illustration

2022 年曆插畫授權

Client: 益登科技 EDOM Technology

The technology company envisioned their products and services represented alongside various animals in the illustrations. To bring their vision to life, I created a total of 14 illustrations, which encompassed both the cover and interior pages of their 2022 calendar. 


Kid's Meal Box


finished bus box.png

Client: Mister Jon's 

Designed for a Fast food restaurant in the U.S. The meal box is design as American school bus. 

為美國Mister Jon's的餐廳繪製了這款兒童外帶餐盒,以美國的校車作為設計概念,其中一面設計給兒童自由上色。

Hand Sanitizer Gift


Client: UPG factory

Create the Ox year illustration gift for UPG factory.

為UPG factory 繪製了牛年的乾洗手包裝禮品設計

Pet Food menu


Client: 艾特鮮

Design menu and posts for the fresh pet meals online shop.