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Yvonne Wu 畢業於舊金山藝術大學插畫碩士,至2018 年開始為自由接案成為自由插畫設計師。作品包含許多兒童刊物、繪本、客製化插畫、禮卡設計、婚卡設計、婚禮週邊設計、似顏繪、商品插畫、插畫授權、IP設計、...等,與臺灣許多知名出版社合作,同時也是平面設計師,協助許多企業、學校、工作室建立品牌形象LOGO、商品...等。

Yvonne Wu is a Taiwanese illustrator based in New York, graduated from Academy of Art University MFA in illustration. 


She creates both traditional and digital illustrations. She's passionate about creating cute characters, fun and warm feeling stories, as well as colorful environments. Her works including children's illustration, advertising, licensing, editorials, and book covers.

She is also a graphic designer. She had four years of interior design and graphic design experience in Taiwan.


She loves animals and travels a lot to experience different cultures. She enjoys observing everything in her life. Every day is a different day and creatives grow through to new discoveries. 


- DayDream Group Show 

-Solo show at Future+


- 2020 統一發票「租稅畫作比賽」入選

- Selected in Licensing illustration category at 2019 AAU Spring Show

- Selected in Children's book illustration category at 2019 AAU Spring Show

- Selected in Advertising illustration category at 2019 AAU Spring Show


國語日報週刊、月刊(Mandarin Daily News), 幼獅文化(Youth Literary), 人間福報(The Merit Time), 九歌文化出版(ChiuKo)艾特鮮寵物營養專家, GATE SPORTS AGENCY, 泰然空間 Tai+Associate interior Design, 未來會 Future+, Fitworks我健客, Honest Sport 誠實運動, UPG Factory

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