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/ Editoral /

Mandarin Daily News 國語日報

Illustrate for Mandarin Daily News, which is a daily and weekly newspaper for both 5-8 and 8-12 years old kids. 

為國語日報不同專欄(5-8 與-12歲兒童)繪製故事插畫

/ Editoral /

The Merit Times 人間福報

Creating story illustrations for the 'Across the Ages' column in The Merit Times.


/ Children's Book /

Grandma's Childhood  奶奶的童年時光

This is a story of Grandma's childhood in Taiwan, where she resided in the countryside and cherished numerous delightful memories of playing with her family. 


/ Children's Book /

The Adventures of Pinocchio 木偶奇遇記

Client: CubieLand


Illustrate The Adventures of Pinocchio for CubieLand's kid story projector.