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Soap with Bear

Soap with Bear..... (coming soon)

Not yet Released

This Children's book will be available in both Chinese and English. Follows a bear as it guides children through emotional challenges using colorful soaps, fostering emotional understanding and control. 

Writer: Tina Lo

If I have A Magical Pet

Released on 2023 by Kiss Nature publisher in Taiwan

Reading this fantastical and scientific children's poetry and literature work together with the magical creature.

Buy it on: ​親親文化 | 博客來三民書局

The Secret of Pineapple Seed

Released on 2022 by KIDs Space publisher in Taiwan

Learning the secret of pineapple seed with the story.


Buy it on:博客來  /  誠品  /  momo  /  墊腳石  /  Hami書城